TDi YuMi Partnership

“A story that involves a different country and a different culture is always one that sparks excitement, joy and curiosity. The YuMi Partnership Story was a very intriguing one from the beginning as we are looking at a very unique program that is a partnership between TDi, Carnival Australia and DFAT which is supporting Entrepreneurs in the South Pacific to work on and establish their businesses.

Being in Santo, Vanuatu on the ground meeting, talking and working with the Entrepreneurs was a truly amazing experience. There is so much passion, joy and happiness that each and everyone of them show through the work that they are doing. For me the most beautiful aspect of it all is that they are doing what they love doing for their families and communities. We have spoken with some humble and truly amazing people, shed some tears and shared some hugs along the way.

Overall an experience that I will always hold dearly and I hope the story does each and everyone who is featured justice about the amazing work that they are doing, both here in Australia as well as in the South Pacific.” – Sylvia Baumgartner, Executive Producer


TDi & YuMi in partnership with Digital Storytellers


Video Production